About us

Autism Institute in a non-profit, non-governmental organization working on educational interventions and educational technology in autism and the broader field of cognitive differences.

Previously working as a informal group of enthusiasts and young researches in the field, AI is developing technology based innovative educational interventions for autism since 2017. After the formalization of the association in 2020, it’s main goal is improving the quality of life and empowering persons with Autism & related conditions and their families, through research, education and support provision.

The distinct objectives of Autism Institute are:
• Supporting the inclusion of persons with autism in education and society.
• Promoting and supporting access to education, training, health and social protection, employment and continuous support in the community.
• Enabling learning, exchange of information, good practices, experiences and recourses in the area.
• Raising awareness, understanding, and acceptance of autism and co-occurring conditions.
• Advocating and lobbying for improved societal response to the needs of persons with autism, co-occurring conditions and their families.
• Advocating for the rights of persons with autism and co-occurring conditions.

Autism Institute applies its holistic strategy in cooperation with local, national and international organizations, schools, educators and people with autism and related conditions, in an effort to accommodate the environment and reduce obstacles and inequalities for children and people with autism.